Terms of Service

Article 1 Purpose The purpose of this software usage rights agreement (hereafter "this Agreement") is to stipulate the rights, duties, relevant procedures, and responsibilities between you and Carpenstreet Inc. (hereafter "Company") with respect to using the Company's software product (hereafter "ABLER"). Article 2 Definition of Terms The definition of terms used in these terms of use is as follows. The interpretation of terms not defined shall comply with relevant laws and separate guides on the download site. 1) ABLER: "ABLER" in this Agreement refers to the 3D software that is provided by the Company based on the open-source 3D software Blender. The matters related to this usage rights agreement shall include all documents related to directions for using ABLER, revised versions, upgrades or improved features, and subsequent versions and copies of the software. 2) ACON3D: ACON3D refers to the web platform that controls ABLER's login server. 3) User: User refers to the customer who installs and uses ABLER by using an ACON3D account after agreeing to this Agreement. 4) Model: Model refers to all 3D models that can be used on ABLER, and refers to products for which the primary creator has the copyrights to. Article 3 Open-Source License 1) ABLER follows the open-source license GPL 3.0, and the scope of use is also the same as that of GPL 3.0. 2) Details such as the individual license conditions of the open-source software, relevant documents, other materials, indication of copyrights, etc., can be found from the license within the installation file that ABLER provides, and are subject to change through the license authorizer without a separate announcement or notification. However, changes will be announced to users who already installed ABLER through updates, and service usage may be restricted if the user does not agree to the changes. 3) If the open-source license conditions conflict with the content of this Agreement, the open-source license condition will take precedence limited to the relevant scope. 4) Open-source software is distributed for beneficial use, but there are no guarantees, including implied guarantees that it is fit for a specific purpose or fit for sale. 5) The open-source software license authorizer, company, supplier, etc., shall not be held responsible in any scope that is permitted by relevant laws for any damage that occurs due to a user's utilization of the open-source software, even if they were aware of the risk of such damage in advance. Article 4 Internet-based Service Provision 1) ABLER communicates with the server through the process of logging into the ACON3D account. 2) ABLER includes the function of communicating through the internet as part of normal operation for updates. 3) If ABLER is updated, arbitrary files may be stored on the user's computer without the user's consent as needed. The update method is subject to change at any time in order to strengthen updates for the user's computer. 4) The Company may collect the following information that is found during the user's process of using ABLER in order to improve the quality and performance of ABLER. (1) The user's computer operating system, information registered on the operating system, ABLER version, error details, and other non-personally identifiable information. (2) Information on the user's usage patterns and interaction within the program in order to improve the program's usability (3) IP information to check usage patterns and provide customized languages for each country/region 5) The Company is in compliance with the Personal Information Protection Act and other relevant laws, and does not share or disclose any information that is collected. However, the following are exceptions; if the user's personal information is provided or shared in cases other than in the following, the information will only be provided after obtaining the user's consent. (1) If there is request from an investigative agency in accordance with the procedures and methods set forth by the law for investigative purposes (2) If the information is provided after being processed in a way that makes it impossible to identify any specific individual for the purpose of statistics, academic research, or market research (3) If the user gave consent in advance 6) The information collected will be stored for 1 year after the end of service use. After this period, the Company shall delete personal information stored in the form of electronic files by using a technical method that will render the data irrecoverable. Personal information printed on paper shall be destroyed by shredding or incineration. 7) A more detailed privacy policy is available on the website below. Article 5 Efficacy and Changes to the Terms of Use 1) These terms take effect when the user agrees to the terms. 2) The Company may revise these terms within a scope that is not in violation of the "Act on the Regulation of Terms and Conditions," "Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection," "Online Digital Contents Industry Promotion Act," and other relevant laws, and the changes shall be announced to users. 3) These terms may be revised if necessary; if the terms are to be revised, the Company shall stipulate the effective date of the revised terms and reason for the revision, and make an announcement from at least 14 days before the effective date of the revised terms until the day before the effective date alongside the current terms. Announcements regarding the revised terms shall be announced clearly to users using at least one of the prescribed methods. However, for important changes to regulations related to the users' rights or duties, the changes shall be announced at least 30 days in advance, and the revised terms shall be sent to the e-mail that was registered by the user. (1) Post on the website (2) E-mail notification (3) Other announcement methods determined by the Company 4) In general, the revised terms shall be effective prospectively from the effective date in accordance with this Article. 5) If the user does not consent to the revised terms, they may cancel the usage agreement by deleting ABLER. Article 6 Intellectual Property Rights 1) The Company shall own copyrights and other intellectual property rights to works created by the Company. However, the copyright for products such as models, etc., that were provided to create the works shall belong to the primary creator, and the Company and user shall only have usage rights to these products. 2) The user shall own the copyrights to works that were created by the user using ABLER. However, in this case, the copyright for works that have a primary creator shall belong to the primary creator, and the user shall have permanent usage rights to copy, display, and distribute the works that were created by the user. Article 7 Service Provision and Software Maintenance 1) The Company shall not perform any activities that are prohibited by relevant laws or these terms and activities that go against public customs, and shall make the utmost effort to provide ABLER in a continuous and stable fashion. 2) The Company must establish a security system in order to protect personal information so that the user can utilize ABLER safely, and shall announce and comply with the privacy policy. 3) If the Company determines that an opinion or complaint submitted by the user in relation to using ABLER is valid, the Company shall take care of the issue. The Company shall notify the user of the process and results via e-mail, etc., for the opinion or complaint that they submitted. 4) In general, the Company shall operate ABLER 24 hours a day, year-round, as long as there are no operational or technical issues. However, the Company may temporarily suspend services on a day or time specified by the Company in order to perform regular maintenance, expand, or replace the system, and the temporary service suspension for the scheduled task shall be announced in advance through the website. 5) If the Company is unable to provide normal services due to a national emergency, power outage, equipment defect, or surge in use, the Company may restrict or suspend all or a portion of ABLER. However, in this case, the Company shall notify users of the reason and period of time in advance or afterward. 6) The Company may divide ABLER into specific ranges and designate separate times when it can be used according to the range. However, the details shall be announced in such cases. 7) The Company may provide updates through the update feature that is provided upon installing ABLER in order to maintain ABLER's recency, improve stability, and increase user convenience. 8) Some features of ABLER that were previously available may no longer be used depending on the update circumstances. Article 8 User's Duties 1) The user must comply with the regulations in these terms, all other regulations and announcements set forth by the Company, and relevant laws in the region where the software is used, and must not perform any activities that may disrupt the Company's work operations or may damage the Company's reputation. 2) The user must not attempt to access the server, etc., that provides ABLER using a method that is not permitted by the Company. 3) The user must not use a model for which the copyrights are owned by the primary creator for commercial purposes, such as redistribution or sales, without the Company's prior consent when using ABLER, nor allow a third party to use such models for commercial purposes. If such activities are discovered, the Company may restrict the use of ABLER and claim compensation for damages, etc., in accordance with the legal process. 4) The user shall not use ABLER with devices, software, or services that were designed to evade technical measures to protect content or other copyrights. Article 9 Limited Warranty: Indemnification Clause and Exclusion of Liability 1) The Company excludes all implicit and explicit guarantees, including implied guarantees regarding commercial value, fitness for a specific purpose, intellectual property rights, or non-violation of intellectual property rights to the maximum scope that is permitted by relevant laws. 2) The Company shall not be held responsible for the accuracy of content that is provided through ABLER. 3) The Company shall not be held responsible for anything that results from failing to abide by the terms, guides for each service, and other usage standards set forth by the Company. 4) The Company does not guarantee that the features included in ABLER completely satisfy the user's demands, nor that there will not be any temporary interference or errors to computer usage while using ABLER. 5) If the user utilizes ABLER, unintentional or unexpected defects may occur to the user's PC (diagnosis error, reduced computer functionality, freezing, malfunction, etc.), and the user must decide whether to use ABLER in consideration of this fact. The Company shall not be held responsible for any defects that occur as a result of using ABLER despite risk of such defects as long as it was not a result of the Company's intention or gross negligence. 6) The Company shall not be held responsible for any problems that occur due to using computer hardware or computer operating systems that were produced after ABLER was provided as long as it was not a result of the Company's intention or gross negligence. 7) The Company shall not be held responsible for the user's failure to earn the expected profits or loss of profits by using ABLER. 8) The Company will not intervene in disputes that occur between users or between a user and a third party through ABLER, and shall not compensate for any resulting damages. 9) The Company shall not be held responsible as long as there are no special regulations in relevant laws regarding ABLER. 10) If the Company is unable to provide services due to the following reasons, they shall not be held responsible for the damage that occurs to users. (1) If there is a natural disaster or other comparable case of force majeure (2) If service is disrupted by a third party that signed a service cooperation agreement with the Company (3) If there is an error in service use due to reasons that are attributable to the user, such as the device environment (4) If the reason is not attributable to the Company's intention or negligence, such as the network environment Article 10 Agreement Termination 1) The user may terminate this Agreement at any time by permanently discarding ABLER. 2) The Company may discontinue its provision of ABLER due to the termination of a partnership or other serious business reasons that render the Company unable to maintain its services. 3) If the Company discontinues services, the Company shall notify users in accordance with the notification method prescribed in Article 5 Paragraph 3 of these terms at least 3 months before the service termination date. However, if the service is not terminated, but merely transferred due to other business operation reasons, the details need not be announced. Article 11 Compensation for Damages 1) If the Company suffers damages as a result of the user's violation of these terms, the user who violated these terms must compensate the Company for all resulting damages. 2) If a user performs illegal activities while using the service or violates these terms, which causes the Company to receive an objection, such as a claim for compensation for damages or lawsuit from a third party aside from the user, the user must indemnify the Company at their expense. If the Company cannot be indemnified, the user must compensate the Company for all damage that occurred. 3) The Company shall not be held responsible for any damage that occurs regarding a service that is provided for free. Article 12 Service Dispute Resolution 1) The Company shall process complaints and opinions that are submitted by the user regarding service use as quickly as possible. However, if it cannot be processed quickly, the Company shall notify the user of the reason and the processing schedule as soon as possible. 2) Disputes that occur between the Company and user shall follow the mediation process of the e-Commerce Dispute Mediation Committee that is established in accordance with the Framework Act on Electronic Documents and Electronic Commerce. 3) Any matters that are not stipulated in these terms and interpretations of these terms shall follow the laws of South Korea and commercial practice. 4) The court of jurisdiction over all disputes and lawsuits related to the service and these terms shall be the Seoul Central District Court or the court of jurisdiction according to the Civil Procedure Law.